Natural Disaster: Survival PLR for Hurricanes, Flooding, Tornadoes, and Fires

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This BRAND NEW content focuses on some of the natural disasters that are a current, in season threat! Including but not limited to: Fires, Hurricanes and its after effects like tornadoes, flooding, etc. 

This content will aid people in being prepared by knowing HOW to prepare BEFORE a hurricane or flood strikes, how to RESPOND DURING, and how to KEEP SAFE and SURVIVE AFTERWARD (in various situations).  

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What This Bundle Pack Has to Offer

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12 Articles or Blog Posts  

- How to Survive a Hurricane - 600 Words - How to Survive a Flood once Water has Entered the Home - 824 Words, 3 Products - How to Survive Your Car being Overcome by Flood Waters - 913 Words - What to Take with You If You have to Evacuate Your Home During a Flood - 802 Words - How to Properly Escape a Wild Fire - 560 Words - 7 Things You Should Absolutely Avoid in a Flood - 573 Words - Survival Rule of 3's: How long can You Live without Food and Water and How to Extend that Time - 687 Words - Things in Flood Water that can be Hazardous to Your Health - 600 Words - A Hurricane After Effect: Surviving Tornadoes with Children - 838 Words - Possible Hurricane After Effects: Know What to Prepare For - 547 Words - Things to NEVER Do if Water is Now Flooding Your Home - 702 Words - How to Alert People You Need Rescuing During a Flash Flood - 615 Words  

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10 Amazon Product Reviews  

- How to Survive a Flood - 605 Words, 10 Products - Flood Survival with Children - 834 Words, 5 Products - 5 Things to do to Prepare for a Flood - 603 Words, 10 Products - Learning to Forage: Eat Your Weeds and Never Starve to Death - 676 Words, 1 Product - How to Make Sure You Have Access to Clean Water to Drink - 636 Words, 3 Products - How to Use a Waterproof and Fireproof Safe Box in Flooding or Fire Disaster - 506 Words, 2 Products - Why Your Family Should have Life Vests on Hand in a Major Flood - 632 Words, 4 Products - How an Inflatable Boat Can Save Your Family's Lives in a Flash Flood - 521 Words, 1 Product - The BEST Free and Paid Emergency Food Storage Supply - 716 Words, 4 Products - Portable Solar Oven: Cooking without Electricity or Fuel - 540 Words, 2 Products 

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Natural Disaster: Survival PLR for Hurricanes, Flooding, Tornadoes, and Fires

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Natural Disaster: Survival PLR for Hurricanes, Flooding, Tornadoes, and Fires

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GET YOUR Natural Disaster: Survival PLR for Hurricanes, Flooding, Tornadoes, and Fires 

2 Blog Posts, 10 Product Reviews, 12 Article Videos, 10 Product Review Videos, Tweets, Article Descriptions, and Tags

Natural Disaster: Survival PLR for Hurricanes, Flooding, Tornadoes, and Fires